Hebertech, LLC can resolve any and all electrical and mechanical issues with your vessel.

Our marine electrical services include:

All electrical, electronics and software on your vessel.

If it’s on your boat, we know how it works and we can troubleshoot or replace it expeditiously. If it’s not on your boat but you want it there, we know how to install and integrate it into your system quickly and efficiently.

Our electricians are not only technically trained to NMEA and ABYC standards, they have either served a 5000 hours government regulated apprenticeship working under a master electrician with 4 years of college courses required as a prerequisite to becoming an electrical journeyman, or they are degreed electrical controls engineers with over 5 years of experience in the field.

Our mechanical services include:

● Custom bracketry and installation of larger 200-300 Amp alternators for our power management systems on engines, in addition to replacement of pulleys and installation of serpentine belts

● Mast and rigging inspection, maintenance and upgrades

Our techs use the Harken Power Seat ascender which places them in the optimal ergonomic position while working at the top of your mast, thus increasing productivity while maintaining the highest safety standards and eliminating the need for a secondary technician in the field and on your invoice.

● Our mechanical services support our electrical team with power management systems, single side band isolators on backstays and masthead equipment.

Most importantly, as technical professionals, we know boats and we are at your service!

Contact Service @ 1-800-598-0168 Ext. 1 to schedule an appointment.

Race Hardware and Software Solutions for Boats

Let’s face it, technology wins races and makes yachting more luxurious at the touch of a button. We get it!

We are an authorized reseller and installer of the world’s greatest navigation equipment, B&G/SIMRAD, we also design and build custom automation for boats.

If you dream it, we will build it, install it and make it work for you. We are servo/robotic experts, as well as race enthusiasts.


Hebertech will prioritize your boat’s damage assessment so that you may submit the report to your insurance company, in order to process your claim and expedite your repair. We will send our lead electrical engineer who has represented Northern Insurance Company in court following his assessment of electrical automation damage in cases where fraud was suspected.

Who better to assess your electrical damage for submission to the insurance company and adjuster? We offer 48 hours response time to arrive at your boat and only 24 hours more to provide a full engineering damage report for submission to your insurance company, once the service call is initiated.

Was Your Vessel Damaged by Lightning?

Many of our customers plan to leave their boats within our service area for the summer and take their boats to the Bahamas and Caribbean for the winter; however, when some of these customers arrive in the fall and launch their boat, they discover it had been struck by lightning. We understand the urgency in fast tracking the repair, in order to allow our customers to reach their destinations expeditiously and we accommodate!

We have over 30 years of ISO certified process control experience with marine, aerospace and automotive projects.

We have the systems and experience to streamline your project and maximize efficiency. At any time, we are able to present a detailed status report of your project down to part locations in logistics, secondary processes and work hours performed in each task and we can change direction efficiently at your request.


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