*Upon successful completion of any of our SAS or 48HRS at Sea training courses, your certificate of completion will entitle you to major discounts on Winslow Life Rafts, Expedition Marine Software, WX Worx & the Harken Power Seat.

Day 1

Weather forecasting & route planning:
● Expedition software using GRIB files
● XM & WxWorx weather & chart plotter
● SSB & VHF weather reports & charts
Communications equipment:
● VHF, GMDSS, Inmarsat Fleet One, Sat Phone
● Sat phones vs. Inmarsat data download comparison
Storm sails:
Sail plans, sail changes in heavy weather
● When to change & how to change
SAR organization and methods:
Giving assistance to other craft
● TowBoatUS Captain – Guest speaker
Man-overboard prevention & recovery:
● Use & placement of jack lines inside & outside life lines
● Heavy weather crew routines, boat handling, use of drogues
● Heaving to vs. Forereaching to
Fire precautions and use of fire extinguishers:
● Pyrotechnics and EPIRBs
● Fire protection & pyrotechnics – Theory
● Hands on use of pyrotechnics & experience extinguishing fires

Day 2

Safety equipment – care & maintenance :
Damage control & repair
● Repairing & plugging holes in hull at sea
Life rafts & life jackets
Life raft training in pool or harbor with lifeguard
● Getting in & out of raft, righting overturned raft
● Safety plan in water without raft
Further life raft classroom training
● When to deploy
● Food & hydration
● Communications
● Do’s & Don’ts
● Sea survival stories

US Coast Guard speaker
● Rescue at sea protocols

12 Hour Class – Introduction to OHMS Law and Overview of Electrical & Electronic Safety Standards

Identify & write plan for each electrical/mechanical system on vessel to cover:
● Alternators & charging systems
● Inverters & converters
● Pumps
● Power circuits
● Batteries
● Instruments

Hands on wiring/mechanical project
● Assembly and disassembly of alternator brush replacement; belt replacement & proper tensioning

Distribution wiring
● Choosing wire size type/calculation of line loss
● Hands on panel distribution wiring & troubleshooting

Use of meters:
● Multi-voltage, OHMS & amperage
● SWR/antenna
● Watt meter
● Hands on troubleshooting & calculations to cover:
a) VHF – Inmarsat Fleet One: functions & emergency modifications
b) Navigation systems: compass, GPS, AIS

48 Hours at Sea Training

5:00 AM Check in at vessel Pointe Blank – Dock assignment: F39
5:30 AM Review safety equipment/rigging/float plan
6:30 AM Depart Charleston Harbor
7:00 AM – 12:00 AM

At sea with instructor at helm covering the following training:
● Sleep deprivation/sleep management techniques
● Drogue deployment & recovery
● Man-overboard recovery drill
● Heavy weather rigging & sail plan
● Route planning & navigation based on weather/tides
● Identifying eddies when crossing the Gulf Stream & altering route accordingly
● Route changes using Expedition/GRIB files
● Route changes using XM weather & WxWorx
● Meal & hydration schedules
● Medical emergency drill & review
● Mindset: keeping it fun & adventurous

C&C 121 - vessel used for offshore training

C&C 121 - vessel used for offshore training

9:00 PM Attendee #1 takes helm with instructor on watch for 8 hours for 8 hours
7:00 AM Change course at the 24 hour mark following the crossing of the Gulf Stream. Attendees will plot
course & determine the best route with consideration given to weather, Gulf Stream & tides.
7:00 AM – 12:00 AM
At sea with instructor covering the following training:
● Boat speed – sail plan
● Weather route planning
● Power management plan/schedule/repair
● Mast climbing at heel for all attendees using
a. Power seat ascender
b. Self-climber
c. Winch & Bosun’s Chair

1:00 PM Attendee #3 takes helm with instructor on watch for 8 hours
9:00 PM Attendee #4 takes helm with instructor on watch for 8 hours. Each of the 4 attendees will be solely in charge of the vessel with coaching for 8 hours at a time
5:00 AM Instructor takes helm (arrival time may vary)

Safety at Sea

Training Course (2 days)


Marine Electrical/Mechanical

Training (12 hours)


At Sea Training

48 Hours


5 Day Package

(Includes all three programs listed)

Harken PowerSeat Training

4 hours at the Charleston Harbor Resort and on sail vessel C&C 121 with a 62’ mast used for climbing

Cancellation Policy :
Once paid and registered, we expect you to be present for training. If you are not present or if you cancel, you will receive a credit to take the course at another time. No refunds will be given.


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